“You gave me The Pause to think about what I’m doing.  And the 24-hour access to communication with you is super useful - to be able to have you so connected, that’s a great thing.  It allows me to take a pause, get stuff off my chest.”

- Margit Detweiler, Media Director

“You gave me accountability without judgment.  And that helps me to hold myself accountable without judgment. Around our third check in, I realized that I could do this.  The resistance released a bit.  In other weight loss program that I’ve been in, there’s always the fear of doing this the Weight Watchers way.  With you, it was, “are you doing this your way”?  It’s empowering me to do for myself.  You give me the tools to be my own cheerleader.”

- Rhonda Denet, Vocalist

“I’m more hyper-aware of the narratives I tell myself about why I can’t take care of myself.”

- Stephanie Sluka Brauer, Philanthropic Director