Karrie Myers Taylor

Empowerment Self Care Coach

I help busy people, suffering from low vitality,

overwhelm and work/life imbalance transform

their bodies, minds and emotional well

being with easy, daily self care strategies.


I was a hard working creative professional, active in my community and in the lives of my loved ones.  I just wasn’t very active in taking care of my own health and pursuing my own creativity.  And it was showing up in the form of excess weight, work/life imbalance, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and depression.

A number of health scares and hospitalizations wok me up to the pain my body and mind were in, but even then, I kept telling myself I didn’t have the time, money or energy to focus on taking care of myself.  Sound familiar?

I joined a 12-step program for food addiction as an extreme last resort, and I successfully released over 100 lbs. of weight with the loving support of that community.  But, I didn’t stop there.  I knew, deep down, weight was just one issue and could come back as easily as it went away.  I wanted to transform and thrive in ALL areas of my life; from nutrition to emotional well being, to relationships, to pursuing my creative dreams. 


I created a customized program for myself of Self Care Hacks; basically baby steps I could do everyday that would help me make taking care of my body and mind an easy, everyday habit.  I made the strategies fun and affordable, but I came to see that the biggest secret to my success was my willingness to sit with myself and compassionately guide myself through the process.  I realized THAT was the missing link, that most people don’t get when they are embarking on a full life transformation; a compassionate coach to guide them there, every step of the way.

So, I became one.  


I’ve studied Food as Medicine nutrition, Somatic Coaching, Herb and Flower Alchemy.  Along with my B.S. in Film & Digital Media from New York University (see where the creativity comes from?), I am also pursuing certification as a Mind, Body Food Coach and a Sex & Relationship Coach.  And I don’t teach my clients anything I haven’t tried for myself.

My methods focus on:

  • Food and Culinary Spices as Preventative Medicine (customized recipes & meal planning)

  • Fitness for the Body You Want...and the Body You Have

  • Adrenal Wellness for Stress Relief and Emotional Well Being

  • Peaceful Productivity Practices for Work/Life/Relationship Balance


what can i help you with?



A 3-month program that jumpstarts your self care with a customized plan, bi-weekly check ins and daily access to me through mobile app...for questions, affirmations and venting, of course!


Self Care Check Up Sessions

Need a check up assessment on how you’re already doing with your self care, and some suggestions and strategies to boost it?


Creativity Coaching Sessions

With a long background in Consulting and Creative Marketing, I can help any entrepreneur get out of their creative rut and progress their business ideas.  Let’s schedule a session and help you get out of your own way.

Favorite blog posts




“You gave me The Pause to think about what I’m doing.  And the 24-hour access to communication with you is super useful - to be able to have you so connected, that’s a great thing.  It allows me to take a pause, get stuff off my chest.”

- Margit Detweiler, Media Director

“You gave me accountability without judgment.  And that helps me to hold myself accountable without judgment. Around our third check in, I realized that I could do this.  The resistance released a bit.  In other weight loss program that I’ve been in, there’s always the fear of doing this the Weight Watchers way.  With you, it was, “are you doing this your way”?  It’s empowering me to do for myself.  You give me the tools to be my own cheerleader.”

- Rhonda Denet, Vocalist

“I’m more hyper-aware of the narratives I tell myself about why I can’t take care of myself.”

- Stephanie Sluka Brauer, Philanthropic Director