Hi, I’m Karrie, and I’m a Selfish Care Coach.

That means I help busy people, suffering from excess weight, imbalance and overwhelm, get motivated to reach their personal and professional goals through healthy weight loss and compassionate self care.  I help people redefine the word ‘selfish’, by finding the time to take care of themselves so they can do greater things for the world.  


Four years ago, I was one of those super busy, chronically unselfish people.  I was about 100 lbs. overweight.  I had millions of creative and socially progressive ideas, but no clarity or stamina to put them into action.  I thought doing one more thing, spreading myself a little thinner, staying up just a little later would eventually bring me work/life balance.  I couldn’t do anything for anyone else, until I put on my own lifejacket and created a holistic self care lifestyle that makes me happy AND everyone around me!

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