We’ve all heard that we need to get more self care into our lives. But how do we establish a self care routine when the life we have is already overwhelming as it is?

     The first step for me was CLARITY.  Too many diet, exercise and time management plans that I’d attempted before had piled on a bunch of rules to my already overwhelming schedule.  Through my own self care journey, I realized self care is not a matter of doing something new...it’s about getting rid of something old.  Old limiting beliefs, old eating habits and old behaviors that kept me stuck.

      To me, self care isn’t about reading MORE recipes, learning MORE exercise plans or taking MORE supplements that I am never going to keep up anyway.  I’ve found, the only way to sustain my self care every day was to work with the mind, body and schedule that I’VE got.  The key to self care isn’t about studying somebody else’s plan for success; it’s about figuring out what works for YOU.

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